New models must have a professional quality headshot that conforms to the most current standards along with several professionally shot “looks.” Runway models need a polaroid set (black tights, black tank top, light makeup, full body, torso, headshot.) All models need at least one full body shot in two to three outfits with torso (3/4) images. Your agency contact can direct you to sample imaages. If you do not have these, you will need:

Your First Shoot $149.99

    Initial one hour studio shoot. Three looks, model does their own makeup. 

  Includes: Photo shoot, 4 edited images for Social Media and the GLADmodels web and Facebook page.

    Optional offerings: HMUA $50, Posing Coach (great for newbies) $50/hr, 2 hr minimum, Upgrade to a 2 hour shoot, add $50.

Portfolio expansion $199

    Great CompCards begin with great looks. This 2 hour shoot includes outfit changes with full body looks, 3/4 images and one headshot. Everything you need for a CompCard. Deliverable: Finished digital images for CompCards and web promotion. Includes high end retouching. CompCards are supplied as digital files, ready to send or print.

    Optional offerings: HMUA $50, Posing Coach (great for newbies) $50/hr, 2 hr min.

Headshot session $99

    Expand your on line web excitement with extra concept style headshots. A one hour session with outfit changes. Deliverable: 4+ finished images. Includes high end retouching.  

    Optional offerings: HMUA $50

Business cards (250) $35 + shipping This is a special price – please check availability when ordering.

    Headshot and name on the front, one look and contact info on the back. Business cards are great for promoting yourself with daily contacts. Hand them out like candy as they are only 12 cents each. 

    Need More? Larger quantities can drop the per card cost to under 6 cents. 

Concept Shoot $299

    Sometimes we have a concept, sometimes you have a concept and sometimes a sponsor has a concept to promote their name or brand. Examples include extreme makeup (think glitter) with high fashion backgrounds, a model with a high end car, a simulated magazine cover and more.  These are “fun” shoots and can be used to promote the model as well as promote the sponsor.  This can also be a multi-model shoot with each model contributing to the sponsorship. Many businesses are more than willing to sponsor the event in order to promote their products and services. Just ask them – you get a bonus!  

    Postings will include references to the sponsor on all Social Media venues. Designers are a great source for sponsorship as their designs will be featured in the photoshoot.

    Optional offerings: HMUA $50

HMUA Hair and Make Up Artist 

   Occasionally, we are able to supply a “trade-for-promotion” Hair or Makeup Artist. There is no cost to the model for this service.  We will always attempt to provide this service, but due to demands and schedules, there may be a cost for the service. You may also explore salons near you who may do a trade if you give them digital images from the shoot!

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